(Even if you've never used genetics in your practice before)

Help Your Clients Navigate Cannabis 

Without the Guesswork

  • Identify if clients are good candidates for cannabis
  • Determine optimal dosage ranges 
  • Reduce risk for drug/drug interactions
  • Prevent unwanted cognitive side effects
  • Guide personalized strain and product selection 
  • Improve client outcomes and optimize use of cannabinoids
  • Interpret the Apeiron Genomics CannaDNA Endocannabinoid Test
  • Use genetic testing best practices for ethical and effective results

You'll Learn How To:

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Video Lessons

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Comprehensive Training

Become a Leader in Precision Cannabinoid Wellness

The most comprehensive course available on endocannabinoid genetics.

This course serves two functions. First, it's a full deep dive into the science on the individual response to cannabis and human genetics. You will have mastery over the scientific literature at the end of the training.

Second, it will prepare you to apply this information in a practical, hands on way. Whether you're a coach, doctor, therapist, nurse, or other practitioner, you'll learn how to integrate endocannabinoid genetic testing into what you already do for exponentially better results.

"This course is the real deal. So much useful info packed into it. A must for any practitioner serious about working in the cannabinoid space." 

"I didn't even know it was possible to look at this stuff from a genetic level, but it's revolutionized the way I view cannabis with my clients."

Ashley Holland, MD

Sean Brewer, LPC, LCAS

What You'll Get:

9 Modules, 33 Videos ($600 value)

Modules Include:

  • Overview of the Endocannabinoid System (Get clear on the science and function of cannabinoid Receptors, endogenous Cannabinoids, Enzymes, and more so you have solid foundation to work from)
  • Modulating the Endocannabinoid System (Learn all the ways to shift endocannabinoid function through exogenous Cannabinoids, terpenes, and dietary and lifestyle factors so you can create precise custom protocols)

Lifetime Updates ($300 value)

You'll receive unlimited updates on the course... forever! As the science continues to evolve, we'll add it to this course.

Not only will you become an early adopter with a high-value skillset, you'll continue to maintain expert status for years to come as you stay up to date on cannabis nutrigenetics.

Slideshow PDF + References + Quick Guide ($300 value)

Get over 350 slides with 183 citations so you can follow along with the lectures and look up any studies referenced. 

Use the quick guide to rapidly identify genetic variants and their functions so you can help your clients faster.

Certification for the Apeiron Endocannabinoid Panel ($500 value)

Apeiron is recognized as a global leader in actionable lifestyle wellness genetics and their typical certification program to use their tests costs $4000+. 

By taking this course and completing the materials, you'll be certified to order and run the Apeiron Endocannabinoid panel. Dr. Dan Stickler, co-founder of Apeiron genomics will be training you on genetic interpretation best practices taught to all Apeiron coaches so you can deliver the best results to your clients.



Genetic Test Interpretation Module with 

Dr. Daniel Stickler ($300 Value)

Lean genetic interpretation from a pioneer in the field of clinical nutrigenetics so you can confidently understand and deliver actionable information to your clients.


4 Case Study Videos ($500 value)

Get examples of real clients so you can see how the pieces fit together and prepare you to start adding value to your practice right away.


Complete Guide to CBD ($50 value)

Go deeper on understanding routes of delivery, different types of CBD products, vaporization temperatures of different cannabinoids, and what evidence CBD currently has for it so you can navigate the myriad of options in the marketplace.

Who is this course for?

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Enroll Today and Get:

  • 9 Modules, 33 Videos ($600 value)
  • Lifetime Updates ($300 value)
  • Slideshow PDF + References + Quick Guide ($300 value) 
  • Certification for the Apeiron Panel ($500 value)
  • Genetic Test Interpretation Module with Dr. Daniel Stickler ($300 value)
  • 4 Bonus Case Studies ($500 value)
  • Complete Guide to CBD ($50 value)
  • Email Support and 8 Recorded Q&A Calls ($1200 value)

Total Course Value = $3750

Your Price = $1200 


Immediate Access to All Videos

Learn at your own pace. No waiting for weekly content drips. 

Check your learning with Quizzes at the End of Each Module

Save the files to and reference them for easy access.

Module Quizzes

Downloadable Slides and PDFs

Add Endocannabinoid Genetic Testing To Your Practice

You'll receive a HIPAA compliant Apeiron Genomics account to securely deliver reports to your clients and order our proprietary data-safe genetic test kits processed by a CLIA Certified Lab. With world-wide test shipping and servicing, bulk test kit discounts, and client-centered data security policies, you're investing in both the health of your business and your clients.

Become CannaDNA Certified

One Payment of $1200

Become CannaDNA Certified

6 Payments of $222

You already know that not everyone responds to cannabis the same way. As a compassionate, science-driven provider, you want to give clearer answers than "try it and see what happens," right?

That way, you can help canna-curious clients know what to expect and current users understand and optimize their usage and relationship to the plant.

You'll have a unique, sought-after income-producing offering that sets your services apart.

And, you'll emerge as an early adopter and expert in cannabinoid nutrigenetics who can provide effective, personalized care.

Precision Genetic Practitioner Training

Dr. Dan Stickler, MD

Subject Matter Expert on Complex Systems Medicine and Clinical Application of Genetic Testing

Medical Director of Neurohacker Collective

Co-Founder of Apeiron Genomics

Consultant to Google on AI in Healthcare 

Stanford Guest Lecturer on Nutrigenomics

Daphne Krantz

Certified Epigenetic Coach 

Creator of the Apeiron Genomics Endocannabinoid Test

2019 International Forum on Healthcare 

Top 100 Health Innovator Nominee

Society of Cannabis Clinicians Member

American Counseling Association Member

= $3750 in Total Course Value

Health Practitioners

You're a doctor, coach, therapist, nurse or other practitioner who wants to provide more precise answers for your clients based on their unique biology. You're open minded, curious, science-based, and understand how complex and multi-faceted the human body is. You want to be on the cutting edge of practice to better serve your clients. 

You're compassionate, non-dogmatic, and want to know what works for each person as an individual. You might already be knowledgeable about cannabinoids but are ready to take you understanding to the next level. 

You want information on how cannabis can be used better and more effectively. And, you want something that can add income and specialty to your practice, and want to be ahead of the curve. Ultimately, you want more personalized options for people outside of pharmaceuticals.

Cannabis Professionals

You're a cannabis grower, connoisseur, activist, entrepreneur, chemist, or other industry professional that want the most up to date accurate information. You've been in cannabis for a long time and know the plant inside and out. You're proud of your knowledge and are an expert in your lane.

Since the cannabis industry is constantly evolving, having the latest information about cannabis is important. You know that the broader your understanding of the health effects of the plant , the more credible, impactful, and scientifically accurate your work will be.

Even if cannabis nutrigenetics isn't directly related to what you do on a daily basis, having the knowledge of individual response to cannabis will position you as a deeper expert in your field and create a sought after expertise uncommon in your area of focus. 

Become an Expert in Personalized Endocannabinoid Testing

  • Cannabinoid Receptor Dynamics (Genetic variants that influence receptor density and sensitivity to better understand your client's biology)
  • Genetic Influences on Stress Response (Help your clients understand their resiliency vs risk factors in the EC system so you can identify how cannabinoids can help improve stress response)
  • Cognitive Function and THC (Identify which genetic variants are protective factors against things like short term memory dysfunction with THC, impaired reaction time or impulsivity, brain structure changes, so you can help clients reduce risk and choose the right products)
  • THC Metabolism (Learn how to screen for genetic factors that impair THC metabolism and make certain people hypersensitive to THC so you can better predict proper dosages)
  • CBD Metabolism (Identify which clients may require higher doses of CBD due to faster metabolism and which clients may be more prone to drug/drug interactions so you can help clients with pain relief, sleep, anxiety and more)

  • Subjective Response to THC (Know which genetic variants may make certain people more prone to paranoia or anxiety so you can mitigate negative effects through correct balance of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other factors)
  • Psychosis Risk (Screen for genetic factors that may predispose individuals to psychosis with THC use and so you can talk to clients about safe use of cannabis for their genotype)
  • Cannabis Dependency and Withdrawal (Identify genetic variants associated with addictive tendencies so you can holistically weave this into working with clients that want to reduce or change their usage)


8 Recorded Q&A Calls + Email Support ($1200 value)

Get your questions answered directly by David Krantz so you can have 100% clarity on the material and discuss how to integrate the testing into your current practice. And, you'll have access to 8 hours of previously recorded group Q&A calls.

"This is clearly the next step in personalizing cannabinoids. Adding this test to my toolkit was a great decision. My clients love the reports." 

"The course content was actually way better than I expected. Top level stuff. I've been recommending this course to all my friends."

Beth Aktinson, MD

Gary McGuire, DC

"I got to check out the early course content, and this is definitely the most complete training out there endocannabinoid genetics. No one else is doing this." 

"By adding Apeiron's DNA testing and coaching not only was I able to get better results with my clients but I've also added a new income stream to my practice."

Wesley Taklin, PhD

Karen Wojciechoswki, Health Coach